April Shindig

The book gap:  For children in poverty, one of the biggest obstacles to literacy development (which begins at birth) is the scarcity of books in the home. While the ratio of books to children in middle-income neighborhoods is approximately 300 books per child in a household, the ratio in low-income neighborhoods is a mere 1 book per 13 families.

To learn to read, children need to be surrounded by books at home so that reading becomes a regular part of their lives!

The Children’s Book Bank (www.childrensbookbank.org) and Portland Public Schools believe every child can learn to read. You can help support literacy in our community by volunteering to mend, clean, and organize the ~25,000 gently-used books collected during the successful Children’s Book Harvest this fall. Book “mending” involves erasing scribbles, taping  tears, removing stickers, etc.

This volunteer opportunity takes place at Marshall High School and is ideal for detail oriented people age 15+ who love books! We welcome individual volunteers age 15+ as well as groups (up to 25).

The Children’s Book Bank narrows the book gap by providing the community with a place for families donate the books their children have outgrown, moving thousands and thousands of children’s books into the homes of kids in need.


Project Requirements:


Please post to our Facebook event page if you would like to attend and Paige (shindig coordinator) will sign you up with the PDX Browncoats team!

(No children under 15, minors under 18 require a waiver and an adult guardian the length of the volunteering session)

Portland, OR 97266
Saturday, April 18
10:00am – 1:00pm

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